Shyamala & Nutan Naidu Re-enters Bigg Boss Telugu House

Shyamala Nutan Naidu Bigg Boss
Shyamala Nutan Naidu Bigg Boss

The much awaited voting results of bigg boss telugu week 7 is out. Shyamala and Nutan Naidu re-enters big boss house again. Audience prefers these two housemates to enter the show among six eliminated contestants.

Host Nani welcomes both the contestants to the stage and send asked their experience post eviction. Shyamala & Nutan Naidu shared their opinion and experience after exit from the show. Both thanked audience for their votes and support.

Scooptimes Week 7 Unofficial Poll Results:

Here is the final results of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote unofficial poll conducted by scooptimes during the seventh week. As per the prediction, Nutan Naidu and Shyamala enters bigg boss house.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Scooptimes
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Scooptimes

Shyamala, who has been eliminated from the house during the fourth week of the show now back to house. Inevitable she made exit by Tejaswi after winning the task of the week. Audience supported her during re-entry poll and send her back to bigg boss telugu.

Nutan Naidu, the commoners contestants is the second members to evict from the show after Sanjana Anne. Being Commoner and not much familiar face among audience, Nutan evicted from the house during week 2.

Just before the day of eviction, Nutan supported Kaushal during some controversy with Samrat and Tanish. It is widely believed, with the support of Kushal followers Nutan Naidu re-enters bigg boss house again.

On the other hand, The star of the season Kaushal Manda who said to stay alone without others support will happy to see Nutan back to show. With the entry of two more contestants to the house, there will be double eviction in upcoming weeks.


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