There are lots of likes for Oviya – Angry with Harathi : Bigg Boss Survey

Bigg Boss Survey

There are so many controversies about the Big Boss Tamil show which has come to Tamil for the first time with a lot of things and with celebrities and with a multi-million budget. conducted a survey to know what people think about this.

It is a surprising twist that the responses people preferred for the nine questions asked which are as such, “Do you think this is a psychology related program? Whose activities inside Big Boss house attract you? Whose behavior is irritating among the participants?”

A total of 6610 persons participated in that survey. Some of them registered their views also. Many people have stated that this program is related to the philosophy of life that man will do anything to protect and establish himself. Also many people criticized that this program is more irritating than the mega serials. On the whole, however, it is felt that this program has made an impact on the people.

  1. Poke your nose on another’s privacy
  • It is, of course, wrong, but it is interesting.
  • It is wrong
  • It is right

Though 4365 people (66%) told that it is wrong to poke on another’s privacy, some 2056 people (31.1%) clicked the option ‘it is of course wrong, but is interesting to watch’ only 189 people say ‘that is right’

  1. Do you agree with Kamal when he says that it is not wrong to poke on another’s privacy with one’s permission?
  • I agree
  • I don’t agree
  • No comments

It seems that people have accepted what Kamal said. Though 34.8% people don’t accept this, 50.3% people say that they agree with this. 14..9% people have stated that they don’t like to comment on this.

  1. How about the performance of Kamal as coordinator?
  • Super
  • Average (not bad)
  • Bad

The expectation was very high when it was announced that Kamal was going to coordinate a television program. Though many said that Kamal’s performance was artificial at the first episode, later on at the successive episodes he spoke naturally and got many likes. Though 2858 (43.3%) people support him saying that his performance is ‘super’, 2877 (43.5%) people say it is ‘average.’ Some 875 people (13.2%) have voted that it is bad; it is not known what makes them to get angry with Kamal.

  1. Dou you think that all the happenings inside Big Boss house are already scripted?
  • No
  • It is confusing
  • Yes

Though Kamal has been saying since the beginning that there is no script for this program, people think that this is scripted. Half of the people, that is, 3462 people (52.4%) think that this is a scripted program. 2011 people (30.4%) say that it is confusing, and 1137 people (17.2%) say that  it is not scripted.

  1. Do you think that it is a psychology related program?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Do not know

People believe that this is only a psychology related program. 3501 people (52.9%) say ‘yes’, 2103 people (31.8%) say ‘no’ and 1006 people (15.2%) have told that they do not know.

  1. What do you think about the task given to participants?
  • It is jolly
  • It is irritating
  • Nothing to say about it

3349 people (50.6%) registered their answer as ‘the task given to the participants is irritating’. Though 2109 people (31.9%) say that ‘nothing to say about that’, 1152 people (17.4%) say that ‘it is jolly’.

  1. Whose activities inside the house attract you?
  1. Oviya
  2. Ganesh Venatram
  3. Aarthi
  4. Nameetha
  5. Juliana
  6. Gayatri Raghuram
  7. Risa
  8. Aarav
  9. Shakthi
  10. Bharani
  11. Vyapuri
  12. Snehan

It is Oviya who received overwhelming votes and attracted people much. 2649 people (40.1%) have voted for Oviya. 1867 people (28.2%) have voted for Ganesh Venaktram, 367 people (5.6%) have voted for Aarav. The votes received and percentage by Nameetha 352 (5.3%), Juliana 342 (5.3%), Bharani 311 (4.5%), Shakthi 197 (3%), Risa 182 (2.8%), Vyapuri 124 (1.9%), Snehan 99 (1.5%), Gayatri Raghuram 63 (1%) and finally Arthi merely 57 (0.9%). Though Bharani has gone out from the program for the present, it is said that he may come back through ‘Wild Card’ entry.

  1. Whose behavior among the participants is irritating?
  1. Aarthi
  2. Juliana
  3. Gayatri Raghuram
  4. Snehan
  5. Bharani
  6. Vyapuri
  7. Nameetha
  8. Oviya
  9. Shakthi
  10. Aarav
  11. Ganesh Venkatram
  12. Risa

3252 people (49.2%) have voted and given first place to Aarthi. Gayatri is given second place with 1753 votes (26.5%), Juliana is given third place with  869 votes (13.2%). The votes recxeived and percentage by Snehan 398 votes (6%), Oviya 123 votes (1.9%), Bharani 63 votes (1%), Namaeetha 48 votes (0.7%), Vyapuri 29 votes (0.4% ), shakthi 27 votes (0.4%), Ganesh Venkatram 19 votes (0.3%), Risa 17 votes and Aarav 12 votes.

  1. Will you go to participate in this program if you are invited?

Will go boldly

Not worthy to watch, how to participate?

Leave me, I’m only watching.

2930 people have expressed their anger by responding to this question as ‘it is not worthy to be seen, then where the question of participating comes.’ 2299 people (34.8%) have said that they would go boldly, and 1381 people have told to leave them alone, and they want only to watch, no question of participating.

The above survey conducted by, Post written by Jessy Preethi.