Bigg Boss Tamil Vote (Online Voting) Season 2 – Missed Call Numbers

Here is complete details about Bigg Boss Tamil Vote steps and method. The second season of Vijay Television Bigg Boss Tamil 2 show kick started on 17th June, 2018. Bigg Boss tamil online poll for Contestants has begin and viewers can cast their vote for favorite Eviction contestant.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 to host by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan for second consecutive year. As per big boss rules, Every week few contestant will be nominate for Public voting. To know more about Bigg Boss Tamil Voting, Elimination, Missed Call Number Details, Eviction results and Poll status.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote (Online Voting) 

Bigg Boss Vote
Bigg Boss Vote

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Season 2 – All selected 15 candidates has been isolated in purposely built house in Chennai. They going to stay for 100 days and team will monitor them with 30 camera around full house. (wiki)

Every week, Housemates will nominate two of other participant for eviction, From that the housemate who receives most number of nomination will have to go for public poll.

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Public Opinion Poll (Unofficial) 

(Disclaimer: The above vote poll of bigg boss is conducted by to know about public opinion, not official. To vote officially for your favorite contestant, check out the steps below)

Bigg Boss Voting Tamil: For the thirteenth week of big boss tamil, four contestants nominated for eviction. Aishwarya, Vijayalakshmi, Ryithvika and Mumtaj are the participant who are in danger zone. Viewers can vote for their favorite contestant online and also by giving missed from mobile phone.

Official online voting poll for Big boss tamil 2 will be available from Monday 10:30 PM to Friday 11.59 pm every week. The Evicted contestant for the week updated below.

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Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Tamil Online – Step by Step Methods

Viewers can vote for eviction participant by two methods, Online poll and by giving missed call. There is an immediate relationship between’s voting in the show and disposal. Since the challenger who fail in awing the audience may eliminate from the show. If you don’t know, How to vote for Bigg Boss Contestants Online? Then follow the below step:

1.) Go to Google and Search ‘Bigg Boss Tamil Vote’ (or) ‘Bigg Boss Tamil Voting’ (or) ‘ Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Google’ . (or) Click here

2.) After entering the search term, you will see Eviction nominated participant.

3.) Now Sign in with you Gmail account in order to vote.

4.) Select your favorite participant from the list. Split your vote for them (Max. upto 10 votes)

5.) Then click ‘Vote’ to Confirm your Vote.

Note: Only 10 votes able to cast from one gmail address per day. User can log in through different register email address to vote more than 50 per day. Bigg Boss Voting online available only for Indian audience, will be not found for other country visitors.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Tamil – Missed Call Voting Method and Details

The missed call voting also opened to register your vote for favorite contestant. To vote for your favorite big boss contestant, just type give missed to below mentioned mobile number.

Bigg boss 2 tamil voting – Check out below for Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Missed Call numbers to cast your vote for favourite contestant.

To Vote for Yashika Aanand – Give Missed Call to – 8367796816

To Vote for Ponnambalam – Give Missed Call to – 8367796810

To Vote for Riythvika – Give Missed Call to – 8367796812

To Vote for Mamathi Chari – Give Missed Call to – 8367796807

To Vote for Ramya NSK – Give Missed Call to – 8367796811

To Vote for Sendrayan – Give Missed Call to – 8367796813

To Vote for Thaadi Balaji – Give Missed Call to – 8367796803

To Vote for Nithya Thaadi Balaji – Give Missed Call to – 8367796809

To Vote for Daniel Anne Pope – Give Missed Call to – 8367796804

To Vote for Aishwarya Dutta – Give Missed Call to – 8367796801

To Vote for Mahat Raghavendra – Give Missed Call to – 8367796806

To Vote for Mumtaj – Give Missed Call to – 8367796808

To Vote for Shariq Khan – Give Missed Call to – 8367796814

To Vote for Vaishnavi – Give Missed Call to – 8367796815

To Vote for Janani Iyer – Give Missed Call to – 8367796805

To Vote for Ananth Vaidyanathan – Give Missed Call to – 8367796802

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote
Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

Bigg Boss Tamil Eliminated Contestants List

Here is the full list of eliminated participant from Bigg Boss tamil season 2 (2018). Based on the online vote one contestant will be eliminated from the show. Stay tune to this space to get updated about the bigg boss Tamil voting evicted contestant.

No. of Weeks Contestant
Week 1No Eviction
Week 2Mamathi Chari
Week 3 Ananth Vaidyanathan
Week 4Nithya
Week 5Ramya NSK
Week 6No Eviction
Week 7Shariq Khan
Week 8Ponnambalam
Week 9Vaishnavi
Week 10Mahat Raghavendra
Week 11Daniel Annie Pope
Week 12Sendrayan
Week 13Mumtaz

Week 13 – Mumtaz

For the forteenth week of big boss tamil vote, Mumtaz has been evicted from the show. After being stayed in the house for nearly 90 odd days, Mumtaz sent off from the house. She is seen not much active inside the house while doing task and other activities.

With repititive arguments and conflict with other housemates, audience felt Mumtaz not deserve to win the title of season 2. She got lesser vote than Aishwarya, Ryithvika and Vijayalakshmi.

Week 12 – Sendrayan 

For the twelfth week of big boss tamil vote, Sendrayan has been eliminated from the house. Audience expected Aishwarya to be out, all of the sudden Sendrayan sent out from the game. With only three weeks left in the show, Balaji is the only male contestant left inside the house.

Week 11 – Daniel Annie Pope 

Daniel is the ninth contestant to evicted from the bigg boss tamil house. After the result of 11th week, Kamal Haasan revealed the result that Janani and Balaji saved. Daniel seems to be strong participant during earlier weeks, whoever audience started hate him after his back-talk about other contestants.

The actor happily evicted from the house and had chat with Kamal Haasan. He revealed lots of insights about other contestants and his experience inside the house. After coming out of the house, Daniel married his long time girlfriend Denisha.

Week 10 – Mahat Raghavendra

All of the sudden, Mahat Raghavendra evicted from the bigg boss tamil season 2 after host Kamal Haasan given him red card. The ace tamil actor who created huge buzz inside the house fight with other contestants. Starting from the first week, Mahat has fallen love with co-contestant Yashika and done lots of favour for selective participants.

His unwanted conflict with other housemates including Daniel and Mumtaj creates him bad image among audience. Audience hugely disappointed with Mahat and his team including Yashika and Aishwariya after their poor game strategy.

Which results Mahat to eliminate from the show following Shariq from the squad. However, Yashika and Aishwariya are the next main target for the audience of bigg boss tamil 2.

Week 9 – Vaishnavi 

Vashnavi has been evicted from bigg boss tamil house after polling results of week 9. She is one among the commoner contestant goes out of the show after failing to impress audience. Vaishnavi who gets eliminated during the sixth week sent to secret room and bring back to the show. After getting second chance, she havn’t performed enough to utilize her spot inside the house.

Week 8 – Ponnambalam 

After getting nominated for seven consecutive weeks, Ponnambalam finally evicted from the show. The veteran tamil cinema actor who felt difficulty to sustain inside the house since week 1. Janani Iyer and Sentrayan are the other two contestants nominated along with Ponnambalam during seventh week of the bigg boss tamil season 2.

Week 7 – Shariq Hassan

For the seventh week of the show, Shariq Hassan evicted from the big boss house. The young and budding contestant failed to impress the audience in massive part. Due to his low involvement with housemates and not projecting himself on screen to audience cause him elimination. Housemates sadden with his sudden eviction and everyone tears up.

Week 6 – No Eviction

The result for sixth week online voting poll for bigg boss tamil has been announced and their is no eviction. Vaishnavi sent out of the house from the eyes of other participants and made her enter secret room. She can secretly monitor other housemates and can expected to re-enter again during mid-week.

Week 5 – Ramya NSK 

For the fifth week of tamil big boss vote, Ramya NSK has been eliminated from housemate. She got less votes than Ponnambalam, Balaji, Janani and Aishwarya. Ramya is the fourth participant to sent out of the house after Mamathi Chari, Ananth Vaidyanathan and Nithya.

Week 4 – Nithya

For the fourth week of Bigg boss Tamil voting, Nithya evicted from the competition. While battling with Ponnambalam, Balaji and Yashika in public vote poll, Nithya received lesser number of support from audience. She is the third housemate of the season to get eliminated after Mamathi Chari and Ananth Vaidyanathan.

Week 3 – Anand Vaidyanathan   

For the third week of tamil bigg boss vote, Anand Vaidyanathan evicted from the house after receiving least number of votes from public poll. The oldest contestant of the show happy being participating in big boss and no hard feeling to going out. Other nominees nominated for week 3 are Balaji, Ponnambalam, Nithya and Mumtaj.

Week 2 – Mamathi Chari 

For the second week of Bigg Boss tamil, Mamathi has been eliminated from the show. She has nominated along with Mumtaz, Ananth Vaithyanath and Ponnambalam. Mamathi unfortunately received lesser number of online and missed call vote from audience.

Week 1 – No Eviction 

For the first week of tamil bigg boss there is no eviction. However the news doesn’t known by the participants. They do nominated two contestants for the first week eviction. Mumtaj, Nithya Balaji, Anand Vaithiyanadhan and Riythvika are the contestants short list in danger zone.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 (2018) Contestant List 

Check out below for full list of Bigg Boss Contestants for season 2. Find all celebrity name, profession, biography and contest status details. For Tamil Bigg Boss Season 2, 16 contestants has entered the most controversial television show of tamil.

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Contestants List

Sl. NoContestants ProfessionStatus
1Yashika AanandActress In the house
2Janani IyerActress In the house
3Ananth Vaidyanathan Singer Eliminated
4Thaadi BalajiActorIn the house
5Nithya BalajiCommoner Eliminated
6Daniel Annie Pope ActorEliminated
8Aishwarya DuttaActress In the house
9Mahat Raghavendra ActorEliminated
10Mumtaj Actress Eliminated
11RiythvikaActressIn the house
12Mamathi ChariActress Eliminated
13Ramya NSK SingerEliminated
15Shariq Khan ActorEliminated
16VaishnaviRadio JockeyEliminated
17VijayalakshmiActress In the house

Yashika Anand

Yaashika Aanad Bigg Boss Vote Tamil
Yaashika Aanad Bigg Boss Vote Tamil

Yashika is a young tamil actress who recently feature in a lead role for a movie ‘Irutarail Murattu Kuthu’. She entered bigg boss tamil 2 as youngest contestant of the season. Yashika popularly known among younger audience and perfect participant for the show.

Yashika Aannand is created huge sensation among tamil nadu youngsters after the release of ‘Irutu Araiyil Murattu Kutthu’. She made her tamil debut at the age of 16 for ‘Dhuruvangal Padhinaru’ with is directed by Karthick Naren. Big Boss is the first official television show she participating in her career.

Janani Iyer

Janani Bigg Boss Vote
Janani Bigg Boss Vote

Janani Iyer, who played lead roles as actress in kollywood films including ‎Vidhi Madhi Avan Ivan, Adhe Kangal, Balloon, ‎Thegidi and more. The actress willing to enter the most controversial television show in tamil. She refused the offer to participate in big boss tamil season 1. Now she entered as one among 16 contestant.

Janani Iyer has been active in tamil cinema industry since 2011 after her debut in Avan Ivan movie. Her performance in Avan Ivan, Thegidi, Adhe Kangal, Ballon films has praised widely by critics and audience.

She is one among the most popular contestant for the season 2 of bigg boss tamil. She acted in many tamil and malayalam movies over the years. She has elected as captain of the house for first week by other housemates. For Bigg Boss tamil Vote for Janani check above missed and online voting details.

Ananth Vaidyanathan

Ananth Vaidyanathan Bigg Boss Voting
Ananth Vaidyanathan Bigg Boss Voting

Ananth Vaidyanathan, who is prominently known as Super Singer Voice Expert entered the bigg boss tamil season 2 house. He is a professional singer and trainer. Ananth also featured in tamil film Avan Ivan which is directed by Bala. He is the founder of Ananth Vaidyanathan Gurukulam.

Born Jamshedpur, Ananth Vaidyanathan is currently residence at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The 61 year old Voice training expert is popular among tamil television audience because of Super Singer. He has faced few criticism after playing role in Avan Ivan, since then he decided to stop feature in tamil movies. Week 3 – Eliminated

Thadi Balaji

Balaji Bigg Boss Voting
Balaji Bigg Boss Voting

Thadi Balaji, comedy actor of tamil cinema who featured in more than 100+ movies with all top stars of kollywood. The actor who recently seen as judge for Vijay TV’s ‘Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru’ now goes to bigg boss house as participant.

Thadi Balaji is the mos familiar face among tamil film and television audience. he featured along with all top stars of kollywood industry including Thalapathy Vijay, Superstar Rajinikanth, Thala Ajith and more. With hosting various shows in Vijay TV over the years, Balaji is having huge advantage during voting process. For Bigg Boss Vote for Balaji check above missed and online voting details.

Nithya Balaji

Nithya Bigg Boss Tamil Voting
Nithya Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

Nithya is a commoner contestant of the season who is also known as wife of Thadi Balaji. For the first time in the show, Husband and wife enters the house of bigg boss. The couple who create headlines in recent times to enter the most controversial show. She currently working for a NGO which supports women.

Daniel Anne Pope

Daniel Pope Anne Bigg Boss Voting
Daniel Pope Anne Bigg Boss Voting

Daniel Anne Pope, is an tamil comedy actor who featured in kollywood movies. The actor popularly known for his character from ‘Idharkudhaney Aasaipatai Balakumara’ featuring along with Makkam Selvan Vijay Sethupathi. He is one among the most funniest participant of bigg boss 2 tamil along with Sentrayan.


Ponnambalam Bigg Boss Tamil VotingPonnambalam, a veteran tamil film actor who make his entry to bigg boss 2 tamil show as participant. The actor who prominently known for playing negative roles in kollywood movies who made his presence among audience after a long period of time. He has featured in more than 100+ movies as stunt artist and also played supporting role in movies.

Ponnambalam is one among the aged housemate of the season along with Anand Vaidyanathan. Started his film career as stunt artist and acted in many uncategorized roles. Kamal Haasan, who gave him a chance to act for small tole in his movie. Later he became prominent character artist and featured in many movies as Villain.

Aishwarya Dutta

Aishwarya Dutta Bigg Boss Voting
Aishwarya Dutta Bigg Boss Voting

Aishwarya Dutta, the young kollywood actress who debut as actress for ‘Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhithavum’ movies. She is one among the 16 contestant of big boss tamil season 2. The actress also acted in tamil movies including Achaaram, Paayum Puli, Aarathu Sinam, Sathriyan and more in supporting roles. She is another youngest female contestant along with Yashika.

Mahat Raghavendra

Mahat Ragavendra Bigg Boss Tamil
Mahat Ragavendra Bigg Boss Tamil

Mahat Raghavendra, the young actor of kollywood who known for his performance with Ajith’s Mangatha and Vijay’s Jilla. The actor entered the house as contestant in his debut television show. Being worked Thala and Thalapathy, Mahat is one of the prominent face of bigg boss season 2 tamil.

Mahat Raghavendra is a friend of Actor Simbu since his childhood. He is the major reason why to choose cinema as a career. Mahat is prominently known for his roles in Venkat Prabhu movies Mangatha and Chennai 28 part 2. The actor is currently in relationship with his girlfriend. For Bigg Boss tamil Vote for Mahat check above missed and online voting details.


Mumtaj Bigg Boss Tamil Voting
Mumtaj Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

Mumtaj, the gorgeous actress of south india agreed to participate in most controversial television show of tamil Big Boss. Mumtaj known for her character in the films Monisha En Monalisa, Kushi, Star, London, London and more. The actress last seen in tamil movie Rajadhi Raja which is released in 2009.

Mumtaz who is one among the leading actress of tamil cinema industry in 2000’s goes disappear for a long period. Now the actress back to the screen through Bigg boss tamil season 2 as a participant. People broadly claim that Mumtaz will resemble Namitha of season 1. For Bigg Boss tamil Vote for Mumtaz check above missed and online voting details.


Riythvika Bigg Boss Tamil VoteRiythvika is an tamil actress who featuring in movies as supporting artist. She made her debut in kollywood for the film Paradesi, directed by Bala. She is well known for her charater in Madras and Kabali. Also played important roles in Oru Naal Koothu, Iru Mugan, Azhagu Kutti Chellam and more.

Mamathi Chari

Mamathi Chari Bigg Boss Tamil
Mamathi Chari Bigg Boss Tamil

Mamathi Chari, is a multi fascinated personality who known as actress and anchor in tamil television and also known as popular Radio Jockey. She made her debit television show in vijay tv’s ‘Hello Tamizha’ and featured in various serials including Sun TV ‘Vani Rani’.

Mamathi is an prominent radio jockey who working in Big FM 92.7 for a long period. She is known for her interesting shows Big Vakkam and Big Alarm radio shows. She is proclaimed to speak in proper tamil and participated in many shows. Week 2 – Eliminated


Vaishnavi Bigg Boss Vote TamilVaishnavi is a commoner contestant of bigg boss 2 tamil who is working as Radio Jockey (RJ). She is grand daughter of tamil writer Saavi. Vaishnavi is multi fascinated person who worked different jobs including radio jockey, host, content writer and more. She is competing with 15 other contestants for season 2.


Sendrayan Bigg Boss Vote Tamil
Sendrayan Bigg Boss Vote Tamil

Sendrayan is a tamil comedy actor who featured in various films with prominent actors. The actor known for his performance in ‘Moodar Koodam’ which is directed by Naveen. Sendrayan acted in more than 20+ tamil films including Aadukalam, Silambattam, Yatchan, Pa Paandi, Rummy, Spyder and more.

Sendrayan along with Daniel Annie Pope making fun around the house with other housemates. He trying to create good connection with other participants to make his situation easier.

Shariq Hassan

Shariq Hassan Bigg Boss Vote TamilShariq Hassan is a contestant of big boss tamil 2, who is known as son of actor Riyaz Khan and actress Uma Riyaz. Shariq entering the house moreover like commoner participant who is lesser known face among the audience. Shariq featured in tamil movie ‘Pencil’ as a friend of G.V. Prakash Kumar.

Shariq Hassan claimed to be one among youngest contestant of the season along with Yaashika Aanand. He was professional football player who represent state level and club games. With influence o f his family, he decided to choose his career in acting and featured in movies.

Ramya NSK

Ramya NSK Bigg Boss Tamil Voting
Ramya NSK Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

Ramya NSK is an indian playback singer in tamil and telugu film industry, She is known as grand daughter of Comedian N. S. Krishnan and T. A. Mathruram. She has sung more than 100+ songs in tamil and telugu for all top music composers.

Ramya NSK worked with all top music composers of tamil cinema industry. Some of the Music directors for which she recorded her voice are harris Jayaraj, Ilayaraja, Srikanth Deva, D. Imman, Yuvan Shankar Raja, G.V. Prakash Kumar. She also won several recognition for her singing in many award shows.


Vijaya Lakshmi is a prominent tamil actress who debut with blockbuster Chennai 600027 in 2007. The actress is known as daughter of Ace tamil film maker Agathiyan. She has featured in many films with top stars of kollywood. The actress made her debut with tamil serial Nayagi in Sun TV.

She entered bigg boss tamil 2 as first wildcard contestant. After watching the show for 10 weeks and analysing every single contestant, Vijayalakshmi has an advantage to play the game. With few more weeks left in the show, Will Vijayalakshmi impress tamil television audience and win the title?

Bigg Boss Tamil Timing Details 

The show all set to start from 17th June 2018 and will be happening for 100 days. The grand set has been built at the outskirts of Chennai in EVP City. The new 15 contestants to live in the purposely built house for next 16 weeks. Each week one contestant will be eliminated based on voting.

Bigg Boss Tamil VotingVijay television who acquired the broadcast rights of bigg boss tamil. The timing of big boss show scheduled from 9 PM from Monday to Sunday. The weekend show to conduct with Kamal Haasan which schedule for same time. Check out below for bigg boss tamil timing for season 2.

TV Show: Bigg Boss Tamil
TV Channel: Vijay TV
Host: Kamal Haasan
Season: 2
Launch Date: 17th June 2018
Telecast Days & Time: 9 pm (Monday to Sunday)
No. of episodes: 100
Genre: Reality Show

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2: The show adopted from foreign game show the Big Brother, which was developed by Endemol in the Netherlands. (Wiki) In India, Bigg Boss first being telecast in Hindi, then later in Kannada.

The tamil version of Big Boss acquired by Vijay Television and show host by Kamal Haasan. Bigg Boss tamil vote in vijay television is popular among the audience, which boost interest on the show.

How to Watch Bigg Boss Tamil?

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting
Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

The popular tamil television show bigg boss to telecast in Vijay TV. Star Network bagged the broadcast rights of tamil, telugu and Malayalam. Tamil’s No. 1 Entertainment channel Vijay TV to telecast the show daily from 9 PM to 10.30 PM. Catch all action of Bigg boss on Vijay TV.

To watch Bigg Boss Tamil Online, you can stream the show in Hotstar. The online television streaming platform which is owned by Star Network. Go to to watch the show online officially for free or Click here to go – Hotstar – Bigg Boss Tamil

There is no platform available to stream bigg boss tamil live in the internet. Catch the show online on hotstar after a day telecast in vijay television. People can watch Vijay television and Hotstar live from moblie devices.

Buy Jio or Airtel sim card and download Jio TV App (or) Airtel TV App. Download Hotstar mobile app from play store. Open you Jio TV (or) Airtel TV app and select Vijay TV from the live television category. The app will redirect to hotstar platform and you can watch Vijay TV Live.

For latest promo of daily episodes and bigg boss tamil vote results, Follow Official facebook page of Vijay Television  and youtube channel. Per day three promotional videos will be telecast in the social media sites during Morning, Afternoon and Evening. You can watch glimpse of daily episode through promo videos of the show.

Bigg Boss Rules & Regulations

Bigg Boss Tamil House
Bigg Boss Tamil House

Here is complete list of Bigg Boss tamil rules and regulations – Step by Step. The telecast in Vijay TV from Monday to Friday – 9 PM and during weekends Saturday and Sunday – 8.30 PM. You can also stream online in

1.) The total number of 15 participant, who are also called as ‘Housemates’ will have to live in a purpose build house and are arrested from out world.

2.) The contestant will not allowed to use any devices to know outside world. No Mobile, Television, Internet, Social media and phone calls to others.

3.) The show will conducted for 100 days, 3 Months and more than 30 camera’s being fixed in entire house to monitor all participant activities.

4.) Every week, Housemates will nominate two of other participant for eviction, From that the housemate who receives most number of nomination will have to go for public poll.

– Bigg boss vote tamil online poll open from Monday to friday. Users can register their vote by login in to Gmail account. Maximum of 50 votes can register by a person using on Gmail address.

5.) The member who got less number of vote from public will be eliminated from contest and send out of house.

6.) In the last week of Big Boss, totally three contestant will be remaining and mega voting poll will be conducted to select the winner.

7.) Like other Big Brother show, Indian version of Bigg Boss playing mostly with celebrities as contestant, not any general public.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 – Weekly Update 

In this section, the weekly update about Bigg boss tamil season 2 will be updated. The main highlight of the week to be updated week by week below – Stay tune here to get more updates.

Week 1 – Introduction, High Drama, No eviction 

For the first week, All new 16 contestants get to know each other well. There is no official nomination and public online voting for the week. Mumtaz and Nithya considered as the hot talks for the 1st week of big boss tamil season 2. Janani Iyer elected as the captain of first week.

There is high drama among the contestant, especially between Mumtaz and Nithya. Nithya who refused to obey the comments of other housemate during the cooking. There is also some interesting tasks conducted for the participants in 1st week. Balaji who followed her wife Nithya and tried to convince her in different way. However she refused to communicate with him. During weekend Kamal Haasan has chat with housemates through his ‘Agam TV‘.

That’s all about Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Tamil (Online Voting) Season 2, Elimination & Missed Call Number Details. If you have any more doubt regarding voting process then comment below. For more latest news and update check out


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