Bigg Boss Tamil 2 (Week 3) – Balaji & Nithya Nominated for Eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 (Week 3) – Balaji & Nithya Nominated for Eviction: For the third week of Bigg Boss tamil, five contestants has been nominated for the eviction. Thadi Balaji received most number of nomination from the housemates. The voting lines are opened and audience can cast their vote by online or missed call method.

After Mamathi Chari eliminated in week 2, Housemates nominates Mumtaj for the third consecitive week. Anand vaithyanathan and Nithya has been directly elected for the public voting. Ponnambalam included in the list of second time.

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 3 Eviction
Bigg Boss Tamil Week 3 Eviction

List of Bigg Boss Tamil contestants nominated for eviction (Week 3) are mentioned below:

1.) Mumtaj

2.) Balaji

3.) Nithya

4.) Ponnambalam

5.) Anand Vaithanathan

Week 3 Eviction Prediction – Anand Vaithyanathan, who seems uncomfortable with other participants inside bigg boss house expected to evict from the house. He never try to create anything to connect with audience which is huge disadvantage. While compare with him, other particpants expected to get most number of vote.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote online and missed call lines are opened now. People can vote for their favourite contestsnts by following the mentioned method in above link.

For the third week of bigg boss tamil, Vaishnavi has been elected as captain. A secret task given to Sendrayan and Vaishnavi for captaincy battle. The task is about the person who gets most number of hugs from other participant will be elected as captain.

Sendrayan who voluntarily approached contestants to appriciate him to get hugs. Housemates easily found about the task when Sendrayan repeatly asked for appreciation. Mahat campaign for him and request everyone to give a huge to Sendrayan. On the other hand, Vishnavi approached everyone individually and convince them to give a hug.

Bigg Boss announced that Sendrayan breaked the rules of secret task, so vaishnavi directly elected as Captain of the house for Week 3. By this Vaishnavi got a special power, housemates cant able to nominate her for eviction.

Since Nithya and Anand Vaithyanathan directly elected for eviction, housemates doesn’t Balaji, Mumtaj and Ponnambalam inside the house. Most of the participants named Balaji for reasoning continuous usage of bad words with her Wife Nithya. Ponnamabalam Seems too ideal inside the house, so housemates wanted him to out of the bigg boss tamil season 2.