Facebook owned instant social messaging app Whatsapp group chat limit has been increases from 100 to 256 members on 4th February, 2016. The new update will be available in beta version now and the feature to update in Google play soon.

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The latest on WhatsApp is that it has increased the group maximum from 100 to 256 members. So far it seems the change has only been made to the latest version for Android (Version 2.12.437) which isn’t yet in the Google Play store but can be downloaded from the WhatsApp website.

Due to its popularity as a primary communication tool and its multimedia capabilities, a number of users frequently turn WhatsApp Groups into marketing and mass communication platforms while other use them as inexpensive collaborative tools. This boost in users will only serve to enhance the ability to communicate with even more people at once.

This follows close on the heels of WhatsApp’s announcement in January of this year, where the company said the app would henceforth be permanently free to use, as opposed to the previous US $1 per year subscription fee. They’ve also said that monetization through ads is out of the question, so that’s another bonus point for users.


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