A Woman sells newborn daughter for Rs. 7000

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A woman sold her newborn daughter for Rs. 7000 to a childless woman due to poverty at Patliputra Medical College (PMCH) in Dhanbad.

40 year old, Dulali Devi gave birth to twins, a son and a daughter, in gynaecology ward of Patliputra Medical College (PMCH) on sunday evening.

Child Welfare Committee (CWC) chairperson Nita Sinha said that Dulali sold her daughter for 7000rs to childless woman Shahida Khatoon.

However, the new born daughter was reunited with the mother within 24 minutes.

After the baby was brought back, Nita Sinha said, “I have called Shahida Katoon to the CWC office on July 21.”

PMCH Superintendent Dr. Ranjan Pandey said,”No hospital staff was involved in any such act.”

Dulali, a mother of three children, admitted to the CWC and hospital authorities that she was forced to do so as she was not in a position to raise five children.

Her husband works in a rolling mills and struggles to feed the members of the family, Dulali added.