Oviya EliminatedOviya Eliminated? – Latest Buzz Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant Oviya has been out of house due to some health issue. The news rumored in social media on Saturday evening which goes viral. However no official conformation by Vijay Television.

Some source has reveal that people from unit has confirm about the rumors that Oviya is not feeling good so she left out from the house. While other housemate trying to convene her, but she decided to left from the Bigg Boss Tamil house.

Here is the post by one of the audience from Bigg Boss Set:

Guys I was one of the audience member for today evening episode. its unfortunate but oviya has requested she will leave the house as she is not feeling well.After repeatedly trying to console her Kamal sir finally gave in and told her tomorrow sh will get a confirmation..then d shoot for Sunday episode started a couple of hrs later but now there is no general public but crew..so we’re waiting outside.there was a flurry of activities couple of mins back and for what it looked like to d naked eye. somebody left the house. And I hope not its thalaivi oviya.

Ps:- And getting pulled up.. nobody got pulled up for the bad behavior but everyone we’re warned..for the look of it oviya has left and here ends my small fanatic journey for her and the Bigg Boss house. 

Bigg Boss EliminateThe above anonymous story which goes viral in social media. Does Oviya really eliminated from Bigg Boss?  however the official confirmation expected to telecast in today episode. Stay tune here for more information.


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