AR Rahman honoured with Japan’s honour Fukuoka prize 2016

AR Rahman Fukuoka prize 2016

Oscar winning composer Isaipuyal AR Rahman to be award by Japan’s Fukuoka Prize for 2016. It is reported that AR Rahman to receive the award for his contribution to South Asian traditional fusion music. ‘Fukuoka Prize’ consider as one of the top most honour by Japanese.

The Fukuoka Prize is an Japanese Award established to honour outstanding work of any individual or organization in creating Asian culture. The honour of Fukuoka Prize has classified in three grade such as Grand Prize, Acedemic Prize and Arts & Culture Prize.

An Indian Historian Ramchandra Guha awarded with Fukuoka Prize last year 2016. Followed by AR Rahman to honour with pregtious award in 2016. The award ceremony to held at Japan and other details to announce soon.

Back in 2009, for his Slumdog Millionaire score, AR Rahan has won two Acedamic awards, the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score and BAFTA Award for Best Film Music. The much wanted composer making india proud over the decades.