Law firm websites serve many functions; from capturing new leads to booking appointments and giving clients access to invoices – but not all attorney websites are created equal.

An effective law firm website development should be customer-oriented and always ready to provide assistance. Essential information must be presented above the fold, with updates coming regularly.

1. Use a Mobile-Friendly Design

Designing for mobile-friendliness is essential. Over 50 percent of internet users now access content on mobile devices, and Google favors websites that prioritize mobile friendliness when ranking search results.

Create a law firm website that is mobile-friendly is key to generating leads. This requires having content that is well-organized and optimized for mobile screen sizes. Furthermore, navigation should be seamless, with large tap targets on buttons and links for ease of use.

Home pages must clearly and precisely detail what a business does and the vertical markets it serves, drawing in potential clients and encouraging them to contact it. Multiple ways for clients to connect with you such as phone or email is also beneficial – creating accessibility features such as alt-text for images and closed captioning for videos are other best practices that should be included on any home page.

2. Create a Mobile-Friendly Contact Form

People visiting your law firm website usually want answers. Make sure that all essential information is presented above the fold and link out to inner pages for specialized topics.

Showcase Client Testimonials and Reviews

Successful law firm websites should showcase client testimonials and online reviews that highlight their expertise, which helps create trust with visitors who are serious about contacting a lawyer. Photos of Real Attorneys and Staff Law firm websites that feature authentic images of real attorneys and staff can help create more genuine connections and allow visitors to identify with the people behind the firm. Also make sure your images and videos have alt text and closed captions added so as to make your website accessible to users with all abilities.

3. Create a Mobile-Friendly FAQ Page

Visitors to law firm websites often come in need of contact information or guidance in understanding their legal options; making it simple for them to access that information can make all the difference when it comes to turning prospects into clients.

One effective strategy to do so is by creating a mobile-friendly FAQ page that addresses frequently asked questions relevant to your business, as well as regular updates based on customer feedback and emerging queries.

4. Create a Mobile-Friendly Sales Funnel

Your website can be an effective marketing tool for your law firm, helping to connect with new clients, automate appointment booking and enable invoice payments online.

Use Your Hero Image Wisely

Your website’s header (or hero) image is an essential element that can distinguish you from competitors and build trust among potential clients. Take cue from Kramer Levin who use their homepage to highlight both their attorneys and cases they’ve won!

Be sure your website’s content is easily readable across devices. Legibility relies on several design factors, including font size, spacing and contrast – the shape of text may also play a factor.

5. Create a Mobile-Friendly Blog

Be mindful that your law firm website serves not just as a marketing tool but also as an information hub for those visiting it. Your content conveys brand messaging while its design influences how visitors digest it.

Text legibility is another crucial element in designing a law firm website. Font size, spacing and typeface all have an effect on this factor; failing to pay close enough attention could make it more challenging for those with visual impairments to access your law firm website.

Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons that encourage potential clients to reach out should be strategically placed throughout your law firm website, including blog posts, homepages, contact pages and service pages.


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