Aiming is a matter of coordination, focus, and control. Older people, especially men, may have trouble with the task. Aiming properly is a big health issue for them.

Gambhir’s toilet doesn’t replace a doctor, and it doesn’t send personal data to anyone except for the user’s healthcare team should something alarming be detected, such as traces of blood in urine.

Many children struggle with hand washing, and some have difficulty aiming their soap at the correct place. Using a target sticker on the toilet can help them with this, especially for older children with the coordination and focus needed to aim. Alternatively, air dryers can be used to help dry their hands.

There are also products on the market that can help with toilet aim, such as a green light that fits underneath the seat and flashes when it senses motion. However, Hurd notes that these devices would probably only work for “military snipers.” Before investing in more advanced gadgets, he recommends trying simple techniques to help your child learn to aim, such as a visual sequence or calming music.

  • Keep Your Head Up

Some guys argue that the onus is on them to lift the seat, but in general, this bathroom etiquette rule is good for everyone. It prevents the next user from sitting on a wet throne and saves you from cleaning up stray drops of urine. And for those who have trouble with aiming, a toilet aim aid attaches to the bowl and turns on a green light when you’re aimed correctly, reports TODAY Parents. It’s got over 40 five-star reviews on Amazon. But TODAY Parent Editor Rebecca Dube remains skeptical about this particular product. She suggests trying a piece of cereal or another small target.

  • Don’t Overfill the Bowl

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of life, and learning how to use the toilet correctly is an essential part of good health. While it can take time for children to learn the toileting process, patience and a little encouragement can make all the difference.

If you have a young child who is struggling with the toileting process, consider these tips to help them achieve success:

Encourage them to wipe from front to back. This is one of the most important toilet rules for hygiene, and it can help prevent UTIs. You can also try using Cushelle Fresh to teach them how to properly wipe, as it is thicker and more absorbent than regular toilet paper. This may help them feel more confident and comfortable when aiming. You can even buy stickers that stick inside the bowl to provide a visual target for them to aim at.

  • Don’t Overfill the Toilet Paper

The toilet is a marvel of modern plumbing designed to handle human waste and toilet paper. Unfortunately, many households treat it as a catch-all trash disposal system. Items like baby wipes labeled as “flushable” (they’re not), cotton balls, sanitary products, and paper towels find their way into the bowl—and, when flushed, create blockages in your pipes.

Thinner toilet paper, which dissolves more easily in water, may help to prevent clogs. To further reduce the chances of a clog, be sure to check and clean the toilet tank vent regularly.

If your son struggles with aim, try training him by placing a Cheerio or other puffed breakfast cereal in the bowl as a visual target. If he can focus on the target, it will make his aim better and improve his bathroom hygiene. Aiming also helps to avoid toilet splashback, which can be a source of germs.

  • Don’t Sweep the Floor

Many people are bad at aiming their urine stream when standing to pee. This can lead to a lot of splashes and dribbles on the floor. It is important to try and focus and improve your aim. There are a few tricks that can help people with poor aim. One is to dye the water blue, which can help with visibility. Another is to use a target sticker, such as the ones that they sell for kids to put on bathtubs.

Reminding people to wash their hands after they are done using the toilet is also helpful. This is important for personal hygiene and can help with the prevention of UTI infections. A simple reminder such as bathroom rules printable on the wall can be helpful to remember this important tip! Wipe from Front to Back!

  • Don’t Wash Your Hair

Boys who have trouble aiming can cause messy toilet accidents that require cleaning up wee from the floor, wall, and seat. To help them learn to aim, many parents use a target that sticks inside the bowl and acts as a visual guide. These can be purchased at many online and in-store retailers and can be easily wiped clean.

Another option is a light projector that illuminates a reusable target inside the bowl when the toilet lid is open. This mom-invented bathroom accessory is easy to use and works with any toilet, so boys can practice their aiming skills without getting wet or leaving behind a mess on the seat or wall.

Paper targets with heat-sensitive black ink also work to help children focus. These are designed to stick inside the toilet, and when peed on, the ink disappears to reveal a fun picture underneath.

  • Don’t Wash Your Face with the Toilet Paper

The pockmarked texture of toilet paper is not designed with facial tissue in mind and can irritate your nose’s skin, especially when you are already suffering from the discomfort of a cold. TP can also leave little lint fibers that may stick to your nose and clog pores.

Instead, use a small amount of water and wash your face with it. This method also removes the chemical from your hands that could be a disease carrier and allows you to avoid touching your anus.

Another option is to purchase a toilet aim, which forces you to sit in a squat position and makes it easier to aim and clean. This also helps to prevent hemorrhoids, which are often caused by sitting on a toilet for too long. This type of toilet also helps to straighten the rectum.


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