What If These Tamil Actress acts in Grandma Role

Have your ever thought of these gorgeous tamil actress in the role of Grandma? Here is the Faceapp edits of kollywood queens. The new mobile app which goes viral in social media for past few day.

If you haven’t know about this then go to Play Store and install ‘Faceapp’ and try your own style. The app transform face with Artificial Intelligence to different type like Old age, Young, Men, Lady and more. The app is also avilable for iphone users in app store.

After had lots of fun working with an app, we thought of creating Heroine’s old age version of FaceApp. Well We have seen tamil actress in different filters and photoshop edits before, here goes some new version of the actress. (The below posted image is just for fun not to hurt any celebrity personally.)

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What If These Tamil Actress acts in Grandma Role

8Keerthy Suresh 

Tamil Actress Faceapp

Actress Keerthy Old age Version of Faceapp



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