Top 10 Highest Paid Celebrities In the World 2016

Highest Paid Celebrities In World 2016

Taylor Swift, the most paid celebrity in the world 2016, according to Forbes list. The 26-year world American singer-songwriter is earned nearly $170 million in the previous year 2015-2016. The popular magazine Forbes has announced annual list of Top 100 Highest paid celebrity for 2016. Followed with One Direction listed as second most paid celebrities with $110 million. Check out below for Top 10 Highest-paid celebrities for the year 2016.

The top 100 highest paid star includes from various profession includes Singers, Hollywood actors, Football stars, Tennis players and more. Adele, James Patterson, Dr. Phil McGraw some of the other celebrities listed in top 10 spot. Cristiano Ronaldo at No.4th spot with $88,000,000 and Lionel Messi ($81,500,000) at 8th position.

Ellen DeGeneres, Roger Federer, Dwayne Johnson, AC/DC are spotted in the list at some random position from 10 to 20. Bollywood Icon’s Shah Rikh Khan and Akshay Kumar has includes in the list top 100 most paid entertainers of the last academic year. The below listed worth details of each celebrity has been tracked and calculated by Forbes after gathering from various sources. Famous Singer Justin Bieber spotted at number 26th position in the top 100 list of Forbes.

Here is Top 10 Highest Paid Celebrities In the World 2016 

List of World’s Highest Paid Celebrities of 2016
Position Celebrity Country Earnings
1 Taylor Swift $170,000,000 USA
2 One Direction $110,000,000 UK
3 James Patterson $95,000,000 USA
4 Dr. Phil McGraw $88,000,000 USA
5 Cristiano Ronaldo $88,000,000 Portugal
6 Kevin Hart $87,500,000 USA
7 Howard Stern $85,000,000 USA
8 Lionel Messi $81,500,000 Argentina
9 Adele $80,500,000 UK
10 Rush Limbaugh $79,000,000 USA
11 LeBron James $77,000,000 USA
12 Madonna $76,500,000 USA
13 Ellen DeGeneres $75,000,000 USA
14 Rihanna $75,000,000 Barbados
15 Garth Brooks $70,000,000 USA
16 Roger Federer $68,000,000 Switzerland
17 AC/DC $67,500,000 Australia
18 Rolling Stones $66,500,000 UK
19 Dwayne Johnson $64,500,000 USA
20 David Copperfield $64,000,000 USA

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The above are the list of top 20 highest paid celebrity in the world 2016. Check out below for more interesting list and latest news.