19 Funny Singam 3 Memes Will Leave you ROFL

Singam 3 Memes: Actor Suriya’s latest first look poster of Singam 3 has been trolled badly on social media sites, some of the most viral singam 3 memes from facebook and twitter were posted below.

SIngam 3, the sequel third part of Suriya’s all time blockbuster Singam series shooing commenced recently and the makers released official first look poster of Singam to announce about project details.

The two first look posters of Singam 3 has published on social media which features face of suriya blended with Lion, the image goes viral among facebook and twitter followers. Meme culture, the recent trend of social media made its part on trolling photo of Suriya.

As ’24’ First look posters created some curiosity, the expectations were so high for this project. Singam 3 to direct by Hari and production by Studio Green Gnanvelraja. Starring Suriya, Shruthi Haasan and Soori in lead roles. The first look poster gives a clue that Singam star to play as internation cop in this series. The other details of the movie to announce soon by the makers.

Anyways as the famous proverb says, “Never judge a book by its cover”, “Never judge a movie by its First Look”. Let’s hope the movie makes the winning streak and the cop trilogy ends on a high note.


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