5 Unexpected Blockbuster Tamil Movies 2015

5 Unexpected Blockbuster Tamil Movies 2015 : In this year more than 200 tamil movies has been released in silverscreens. While calculating in numbers with the ratio of atmost four films per week. Here we list some of the unexpected super hit tamil movies which released in 2015.

Reportly, only a handful have done well at the box office. But the real good sign for the industry is that the Tamil films’ market is growing at international circuits and some of the films have done well in some countries.

#1 Kanchana 2

The sequal part of Rahgav Lawerence horror-comedy series Kachana 2 declared as first blockbuster film of the year. The film produced with budget of around 30 crores and grossed more than 100 crore at box office. Starring Raghav Lawerence, Tapsee and Kovai Sarala, Kanchana 2 directed by Lawerence.

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