5 Kollywood Celebrities Affected by Heavy Rains and Floods in Chennai

Chennai rain and floods, one of the biggest disaster which occurs in the century. Here are the list of kollywood celebrities who affected by heavy rains and floods in Chennai.

Almost 80% of the city submerged in water due to over flow of the river which constructed across Chennai city. People from various part of India joined together and helped victims who affected in Chennai Floods. Some of the kollywood actors and actresses have faced a nightmare due to the heavy rain, were water logged inside their home.

#5 Gangai Amaran

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Veteran composer-lyricist-filmmaker Gangai Amaran, badly affected by Chennai rains as the water logged inside his home. The 68-year-old film-maker and father of Director Venkat Prabhu and Actor Premgi Amaran, took a selfie from his house terrace and uploaded it on social media site.