10 Funny Paper Ads That Show Marketing Intelligence of Indians

Promoting business helps to reach more customers, sometimes the same promotion statergy will leave you vice-verse. Whe its come to creativity and innovitive thinking, no one can match it with Indians. Here are some of the funnt paper ads as they are so weird and ridiculous that you won’t simply believe how people did it. These are few proofs on showing different Marketing Intelligence of Indians. Check out:

10Gift your wife a maid and she will be happier for it than on getting diamonds.

9Britannia wanted to give its customers golden shower? By the way, golden shower means to urinate on someone

8Find this coaching institute or teacher and join instantly

7Heights of “Kuch Bhi”

6Deepika Padukone is short of clothing, cosmetics and jewellery ads? Had to do this?

5Times of India trolled in an epic way by fans of The Hindu

4No comments!

3A chowkidar is getting more than a lecturer!

2Limited period offer for brain tumor surgery? WTF

1Can’t believe it! Hair tonic is so effective that hair started growing on nose too?

How did you find these ads? Have you seen more hilarious than these? Share with us in the comments section below. Also don’t forget to mention how you found the article!