10 Facts about Sunny Leone that will surprise you

It’s not easy for a porn star to reveal frankly about his/her past because the adult entertainment industry is not happily accepted by everyone. But Sunny Leone never denied the sharp perception of her past in porn industry. The world knows her as the former Indian pornstar who made headliness when she appeared in Bigg Boss Season 5 and signed a film with Mahesh Bhatt on the show. Here we collect the more facts about Sunny Leone that we bet you never knew!

#1 Her relationships in the adult entertainment industry


It’s really surprising that she exclaims it is much more secure to sleep with a person that from stranger you met at the bar.

#2 Hatred from Indian community


At the age of just 19, she was bullied for her poses in adult magazine ‘Penthouse’. The phase which she looked at very young age was not a small thing.

#3 Engaged with Vice President


She was once engaged to Matt Erikson, the Vice President of marketing at Playboy. Later, she got married to Daniel Weber.

#4 It would be lie if she got to say that her parents were supportive


It was pretty obvious of her parents not to support her for her secret career. But slowly, they accepted of what she was doing and respected her.

#5 In an Interview


“I informed my parents that i want to be a porn star after I won the Penthouse cover-of-the-year and 100,000 dollars,” she once revealed in an interview.

#6 OMG!!


Sunny Leone discovered her bisexuality at the age of 18.

#7 Dating with Russell Peters


Sunny Leone dated world famous comedian Russell Peters for a short while in 2008.

#8 Best Porn star in the world


She was once nominated as the 12th best pornstar in the world.

#9 Did You Know ?


When she started her career in the porn film industry, she signed a contract saying that she would only perform with females.

#10 Never felt ashamed of my work : Sunny Leone


Whatever success she has gained is all because of her past. So, Sunny Leone never fel shy from her past.