Beep Song Memes: The recent sensation on social media regarding ‘Beep Song’ sung by Simbu. The song leaked on Whatsapp by some anonymous person from Simbu studio. Check out below for some funny memes which made on Simbu’s Beep Song:

The song becomes a web sensation, on Whatspp which stood out as truly newsworthy inside of two days in all news gateway. Supposedly the song composed with some brutal word remarking on ladies’ private part. The case has been filed against Simbu by Coimbatore police.

Simbu has been approached to show up before police for an inquiry for ‘Beep Song’ apparently rendered by him, which supposedly slanders ladies. Groups of confirmation have been enlisted against Simbu and Anirudh Ravichander, who have formed the music for the beep tune.Reportedly, Anirudh denied he created the tune for the song.

The case and controversy apart, social media plays its role on trolling Simbu by making memes in Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter. Check out below for 10 Beep Song Memes That Will Crack You Up:

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#1 Love Anthem vs Beep Song 

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