Zimbabwe Fans Stage Protest against Their Team’s Poor performance

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Zimbabwe cricket team fans supported their team when Zimbabwe’s bad time. But they frustrated after their poor performance against India in 2nd ODI. After a usual poor start, Vusi Sibanda and Sikander Raza gives hopes to their fans by building a partnership.

After a partnership of 20-25 runs off 50 balls, they lost another wicket. At one stage, Zimbabwe were 106/3, everyone thought that Zimbabwe would reach 250 in 50 overs, but they got all-out for 126. It would have hurt any fan in the world.

The most popular part of the Harare sports club which is filled with die-hard fans of Zimbabwe cricket during the matches. All that was to be seen there was a white shabby looking placard that read in bold and capital- “ WHAT A SHAME”.

When India came out to bat, more banners came out screaming the hurt and frustration of the fans. One of them read “Zim [sic] cricketers should be arrested and face treason.” Another said: “We cannot support disaster, catastrophe and quagmire of epic proportions.” Another scathing placard questioned the players ‘‘What a disgrace do you have love for fans?”

Vusi Sibanda, the only batsman who reached 50 in the match, was quoted as saying, “It gets bad when they get personal. We are out there trying our best and we expect them to at least back us to the hilt. I don’t like saying this but I was almost tempted to tell them to try and do what we do for one day and see if they can cope with it. With so much happening in the country, the least we can expect is for them to be realistic”