An Indian teenager scored the unbeated knock of 1009 runs in a single innings to set a new record in world record.


Fifteen year old Pranav Dhanawade broke the previous record of 628 set by Arthur Collins in 1899 on monday.

He scored brilliant knock of 1009 runs off just 323 balls including 59 sixes and 129 fours with an strike rate of 312.38. He helped his school declare on 1465/3 which is also a record for the highest ever team score.

His father is autorickshaw driver, Dhanawade has been playing cricket since he is in 5. He was coached by Mobin Sheikh. He has dreams of becoming the wicket-keeper batsman like Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

He said, “When I started I never thought about breaking the record. The focus was never that. I just played my natural game, which is to attack from the word go.”

Sachin Tendulkar’s tweet on Pranav’s 1000


According to his school coach Harish Sharma, Dhanawade has been always a hard hitter but tends to throw his wicket away.

Mumbai producing brilliant cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, current Indian Team opener Rohit Sharma, Sarfraz khan and now Pranav Dhanawade.


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