Top 5 Teams with most wins in T20 World Cup

Top 5 Teams with most wins in T20 World Cup : The first T20 World Cup was held in 2007. ICC T20 World Cup was decided to play every two years. In 2007, India defeated Pakistan in the inaugural edition of T20 World Cup in South Africa. So far, five editions have taken place after the inaugural World T20 in 2007. In T20 cricket, sometimes single player can win the match single-handedly. But most of the times team effort is important. Check out the list of Top 5 Teams with most wins in T20 World Cup.

5Australia – 14 wins

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Australia have played 25 matches and won 14 matches. This team has lost 11 matches and some of these have been in knockout matches. They had a chance to lift the T20 World Cup trophy in 2010, but they lost the final against England. They never won the T20 World Cup title. But, now they have many dangerous players in their squad, this time Australia have a chance to win this title first time.



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