Ravi Shasthri says, KL Rahul is the most improved player in world

Cricket, KL Rahul, Ravi Shasthri

Former Indian Cricketer and team director Ravi Shasthri said that KL Rahul is the most improved cricketer in the world in last one year.

Ravi shasthri said, “KL Rahul is the most improved player in the world in last one year. He is not only good in Test cricket, but in other two formats. He has a great future ahead of him.”

KL Rahul made his International debut in 2014 against Australia in Australia and scored a brilliant 100 after his poor debut start. He is the 3rd Indian player to score 100’s in each format.

KL Rahul said,“Thankfully I got to play abroad before I played in India. In Australia, a lot of batsmen have struggled in those conditions and Sri Lanka is not the easiest of places to play.”

He added,”It is tough because you haven’t played in those conditions and at that level before. You start doubting yourself and feel you don’t belong there. Sometimes you have no answers to a few balls bowled at you. But those situations teach you a lot. To overcome that and get whatever runs I have got gives me so much confidence.”

“In fact, much more than what I would have got playing six Tests in India and scoring five centuries.The overseas tours have made me a stronger individual and I’m glad it happened early in my career,” he added.