5 things that we suggest to make IPL more interesting

IPL is always an eye-batting series but this IPL season was bit boring as the places in playoffs could be easily predicted and there were not much competition as like before . So there are 5 things that we suggest to make IPL more interesting

No-singing off players:


In the Mid-season of IPL we have heared about many teams singing off young players from team this is because they have already chosen their key young players and singed off rest from the team . This should be cancelled as even the young players doesn’t get a chance to play they can still learn a lot by sharing dressing room with senior players which is much better than playing.

Introduction of Bonus points:

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In this season we saw lots of teams winning by big margin , winning less than 15 overs or winning more than 100 runs in such occasions they should be rewarded with bonus point as it will make even 7 and 8th position teams to be in spot for playoffs and it will surely be more interesting to watch .

Alternative to Duckworth-Lewis Method:

IPL, IPL suggestions, Cricket

Duckworth-Lewis is one of the biggest controversy in all three formats of cricket as it make match to be one side and gives an additional advantage to chasing team .Many retired players have been opposing this method so IPL committee should think about an alternative way for D/L method .

Decision Review System:

IPL, IPL suggestions, CricketIn IPL 8 we saw many players who were fined for opposing umpires decision to avoid such situations and to make cricket realistic there is an need for Decision Review System currently Indian team is the only side to rise oppose for DR method it won’t cost much and it’s quite simple as umpires reviewing for Run-outs. So IPL committe should think about inclusion of this method.

Mid-Season Transfer Window:

IPL, IPL suggestions, Cricket

Did we saw Dale Steyn ,Kane Williamson , Trend bolt, Imran Tahir play matches ? Hardly they got chances . We saw Dale Steyn sitting in bench in GL team he could be easily transferred to RCB who were baldly in need of a pace bowlers . This method is being followed in every domestic football tournaments , So why can’t cricket have this ? Introducing this method will surely make IPL more interesting and it will also add more value to players warming up in bench.