7 Tips for an Effective Video Ad

Social media has found itself a new following over the last few years and for all the right reasons. It not only has access to more customers but is also easy to use and provides the user with several benefits. That being said, any advertising campaign on social media consists of several aspects.

Starting from raising brand awareness to retaining leads and even lead generation, social media platforms can help you do it all. 

For that, you need to choose the right way of marketing your brand. The most effective and efficient way so far is through video ads. Videos tend to attract more viewers and have a better rate of return when compared to other media formats.

Nevertheless, if you are only starting out in this industry, making a capable video can be quite a task. You need to keep in mind several intricacies of this marketing format to make the most out of your investment. 

This article further aims to tell you about some of the fundamental features of a good video ad along with certain tips you should keep in mind. Knowing the basic details about how you should go about planning your campaign not only helps you make sure that you are enhancing lead generation but also saves numerous resources over time.  

Effective video ads

1. Define the Advertisement’s Purpose:

Before starting your video campaign, it is critical to understand the primary objective of the advertisement. For instance, if you are looking to raise brand awareness locally, there is a certain way you should promote your brand, while lead generation requires another. Firstly, you should focus on grabbing the attention of your target audience.

However, that is not it! Once you have the necessary customer information and data, you have to think about turning these viewers into actual customers, which you will learn about shortly. Once you have the necessary data, you can then figure what kind of video ads are working for your niche and what is working for the common mass. 

2. Choose a Target Audience:

This is perhaps the second-most important thing to do after you have a clear objective for your video advertisements. In general, you should group at least 10,000 users and their data totally who your target audience should be. 

Once you have made a note of the kind of users being interested in your videos, it becomes a lot easier to create relatable ads. If you already have a group of target users in mind, you can do your research and find out what kind of content relates to them.

All in all, you should always try to tailor your creativity to your target audience and focus on growing your reach there instead of just trying to attract every user. 

3. Go Mobile:

Another thing you should keep in mind is the devices you promote your brand in. video ads are suitable for any device that has access to social media sites and a screen. This includes computers, laptops, and mobiles. 

Nevertheless, surveys have shown how mobile phones are one of the most used devices for surfing social media. That means a person using a mobile phone is more likely to view your advertisement than someone on their laptops or computers. This is why ensuring that your ad campaign is mobile-friendly can significantly increase your views and return rates. 

4. Don’t Rely On Autoplay:

The most common mistake business owners make is relying on the auto-play button for their video ad views. This is not the right thing to do. You should always pay more attention to making your videos more engaging, further encouraging the viewers to hit the play button.

The first few seconds of a video should be the most intriguing for the viewer. You can use an online ad maker to add more transitions and music, making your video more crisp and memorable. Using subtitles and clear CTA mentions are also effective. 

5. Optimize the Video for Maximum Reach:

All social media sites run through algorithms to help each user get the kind of content they want and like. There is a way you can tweak this algorithm to ensure that your video advertisement reaches most users.

Firstly, start by adding relevant keywords to ensure that yours is the first result whenever a video like yours is searched. With that, you should do other subtle things, like adding a description, posting your video on a number of pages, and even sharing your video with other relevant groups. This will further ensure that you reach most users and generate more leads. 

6. Re-Engage Users to Drive Conversions:

This is one of the most common points to be forgotten. Not a lot of people pay attention to a video ad after a certain amount of views. While a video is an ideal medium for prospecting, your strategy should not end there. You should use the consumer data you have to re-engage and eventually transform them into paying customers.

Start by distinguishing each viewer depending on how long they have watched your video. This will allow you to understand what kind of consumers are interested in your product and can be potential clients. 

7. Monitor, Adapt, and Optimize:

Once you have ensured that all the above-mentioned steps have been followed, the final step is to monitor the progress, adapt to the changes in the industry and optimize your video advertisement accordingly.

Social media platforms are always updating their algorithms and user data. This means you will have to adapt to the changing times. It is best to test out novel and innovative campaign strategies until you find the one that absolutely works for you. 


With the information mentioned in this article, you will be able to attract a larger market and improve your brand awareness and increase sales. Rest assured, a video ad is the best possible way to uplift your brand’s image in today’s world.