Bigg Boss Vote Tamil (Online Voting), Elimination & Missed Call Number Details

Here is complete details about Bigg Boss Vote steps and method. The first season of Vijay Television Bigg Boss Tamil show kick started on 25th June, 2017. The online poll for Contestants has begin and viewers can cast their vote for favorite Eviction contestant. As per big boss rules, Every week three contestant will be nominate for Public voting. To know more about Bigg Boss Voting (Tamil), Elimination participant Missed Call Number Details.

Bigg Boss Vote Tamil (Online Voting) 

Bigg Boss Vote

All selected 15 candidates has been isolated in separate house in Chennai. They going to stay for 100 days and team will monitor them with 30 camera around full house. (wiki)

Every week, Housemates will nominate two of other participant for eviction, From that the housemate who receives most number of nomination will have to go for public poll.

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Week 8 Eviction Nominees List

Week 8 Eviction: For the seventh week of big boss, 2 contestants nominated in eviction list. Gayathri and Raiza are the participant who are in danger zone. These two now nominated for public voting, viewers can vote for their favorite contestant online and also by giving missed from mobile phone. Official online poll available from Monday 10 PM to Friday 11.59 pm every week.

Public Opinion Poll (Unofficial) 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below added is Unofficial Public opinion poll, which will not count for result. People only able to cast vote in So we never try to mislead any visitors. If anyone have obsession with the content then please skip the page. 

(Disclaimer: The above vote poll of bigg boss is conducted by to know about public opinion, not official. To vote officially for your favorite contestant, check out the steps below)

Bigg Boss Online Voting Methods – Step by Step

Viewers can vote for eviction participant by two methods, Online poll and by giving missed call. There is an immediate relationship between’s voting in the show and disposal. Since the challenger who fail in awing the audience may eliminate from the show.

If you don’t know, How to vote for Bigg Boss Contestants Online? Then follow the below step:

1.) Go to Google and Search ‘Bigg Boss Vote’ (or) ‘Bigg Boss Voting’. (or) Click here

2.) After entering the search term, you will see three Eviction nominated participant.

3.) Now Sign in with you Gmail account in order to vote.

4.) Select your favorite participant from the list.

5.) Then click submit to Confirm your Vote.

Bigg Boss Vote – Missed Call Voting Method and Details

The missed call voting also opened to register your vote for favorite contestant. To vote for your favorite big boss contestant, just type give missed to below mentioned mobile number.

Week 6 Eviction Contestants Missed Call Voting Number Details 

Vote for Ganesh Venkatraman – Missed Call Number – 7210122304

Vote for Vaiyapuri Missed Call Number – 7210122314

Vote for Snehan – Missed Call Number – 7210122313 

Vote for Raiza – Missed Call Number – 7210122311

Vote for Aarav – Missed Call Number – 7210122301

Vote for Gayathri Raguram – Missed Call Number – 7210122306 

Vote for Sakthi – Missed Call Number – 7210122315

Vote for Bindu Madhavi – Missed Call Number – 7210122316

Bigg Boss Tamil (2017) Contestant List 

Check out below for full list of Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants for season 1. Find all celebrity name, profession and contest status details.

Sl. NoContestants ProfessionStatus
2AaravModelIn House
3JulianaPublic FameEliminated
4Raiza WilsonModelIn House
5Bindu MadhaviActressIn House
6SnehanLyricistIn House
7Gayathri RaghuramChoreographerIn House
8Shakthi VasudevanActorEliminated
9Ganesh Venkatraman ActorIn House
11VaiyapuriActorIn House
12Aarthi (Harathi)ActressEliminated
13Ganja Karuppu ActorEliminated
14Bharani ActorEliminated
15Anuya BhagvathActressEliminated
16ShreeActorLeft Out

Bigg Boss Eliminated Contestants List

Here is the full list of eliminated participant from Bigg Boss tamil season 1 (2017).

No. of Weeks Contestant
Shree (Left Out)
Week 1Anuya Bhagvath
Week 2Ganja Karuppu
Bharani (Rules Break)
Week 3Harathi
Week 4Namitha
Week 5No Eviction
Week 6Juliana
Week 7Sakthi

Week 7 Eviction : Sakthi | Other Nominees – Snehan, Aarav, Gayathri, Ganesh, Bindu Madhavi, Vaiyapuri

‘Trigger Star’ Sakthi eliminated from the show on 50th day. The actor who have seen dominating other contestant right from the first week send off by public. The result could have been different if Gayathri not saved on the friday of Week 7. She saved by Bigg Boss by doing some task.

Week – 6 Eviction : Juliana | Other Nominees – Oviya, Vaiyapuri

Meanwhile the voting poll of Week 6 has been out. Juliana evicted from the big boss show after receiving lesser vote than Oviya and Vaiyapuri. Along with Oviya, two people evicted from bigg boss this week.

Oviya – Left Out

Actress Oviya decided to opt out from the show due to mental stress. Oviya adamant with her decision on loving Aarav. She not like to be friend of him, so decided to opt out from Big Boss house. The decision of her quitting from the show which makes headlines in whole tamil nadu.

Week 5 – No Eviction: On 23rd July (Sunday), Kamal Haasan has announced there will be no eviction and voting poll for the week. So viewers can take rest and enjoy the show without any tension for a week.

Week 4 Eviction : Namitha | Other Nominees – Ganesh Venkatraman, Oviya

Namitha evicted from Bigg Boss house after week 4 voting result. She has got lesser number of vote than other two nominees Oviya and Ganesh Venkatraman. For third consecutive week, Oviya received maximum number from audience than other nominees.  Namitha is the fifth contestant eliminated from the house after Anuya, Ganja Karuppu, Harathi and Bharani.

Week 3 Eviction : Harathi | Other Nominees – Juliana, Oviya, Vaiyapuri

Harathi has been eliminated from the show after competing with Oviya, Vaiyapuri and Juliana in 3rd Week eviction. Bigg Boss Voting for Week 3 started from July 10th to July 15th. As per the report, Oviya got more number of votes than other three contestants and Aarathi is lesser among others. The show now going to continue with 10 remaining contestants.

Bharani – Eliminated 

After getting huge support from audience in week 2 eviction voting poll, Bharani decided to quit from Bigg Boss journey due to torture of other contestants. He tried to jump over wall and escape from the house, So according to the rules of the show if a contestant try to escape from house will be eliminated.

Week 2 Eviction: Ganja Karuppu – Eliminated | Oviya, Bharani – In

After Anuya, Ganja Karuppu eliminated from Bigg Boss after second week eviction voting poll. Oviya and Bharani received more votes than Karuppu in public voting. His unwanted fight with Bharani and continues gossip about other participant might dislike by people. Now the contest going to continue with 12 contestants.

Week 1 Elimination – Anuya | Eviction Nominees – Anuya, Juliana, Shree | Left Out – Shree

In the first week of Bigg Boss Tamil, Shree opted out of the house due to some personal medical reason. He felt comfortable from the day one and not interested to interact with participants. As of now mentioned as Shree went to due to Medical issue.

Anuya eliminated from Bigg Boss tamil after public voting for week 1. She got lesser number in polls compare with Juliana. Now the journey going to continue with top 13 contestant. However, the result of Shree is not known.

Bigg Boss Rules & Regulations

Here is complete list of Bigg Boss tamil rules and regulations – Step by Step. The telecast in Vijay TV from Monday to Friday – 9 PM and during weekends Saturday and Sunday – 8.30 PM. You can also stream online in

1.) The total number of 15 participant, who are also called as ‘Housemates’ will have to live in a purpose build house and are arrested from out world.

2.) The contestant will not allowed to use any devices to know outside world. No Mobile, Television, Internet, Social media and phone calls to others.

3.) The show will conducted for 100 days, 3 Months and more than 30 camera’s being fixed in entire house to monitor all participant activities.

4.) Every week, Housemates will nominate two of other participant for eviction, From that the housemate who receives most number of nomination will have to go for public poll.

5.) The member who got less number of vote from public will be eliminated from contest and send out of house.

6.) In the last week of Big Boss, totally three contestant will be remaining and mega voting poll will be conducted to select the winner.

7.) Like other Big Brother show, Indian version of Bigg Boss playing mostly with celebrities as contestant, not any general public.

Bigg Boss Tamil: The show adopted from foreign game show the Big Brother, which was developed by Endemol in the Netherlands. (Wiki) In India, Bigg Boss first being telecast in Hindi, then later in Kannada. The tamil version of Big Boss acquired by Vijay Television and show host by Kamal Haasan.

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