Bigg Boss Tamil Week 2 Eviction: Bharani, Oviya, Ganja Karuppu Nominated

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 2 EvictionBigg Boss Week 2 Eviction Nominees: After Anuya eliminated from Big Boss after voting poll for first week, the eviction nominees contestant for 2nd week has been announced. The list of nominees for public voting are Bharani, Oviya, Ganja Karuppu.

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 2 Eviction: Bharani, Oviya, Ganja Karuppu Nominated

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 2 Eviction

Week 2 of Bigg Boss Tamil – Eviction list nominated by other participant based on their activities for past entire week. Find out more below to know more why these three in the list. The voting poll now opened and viewers can cast their vote for favourite contestant.

Reason For in Bharani in Eviction List

Bharani, the most nominated person of the week. Almost 90% of participant feel he is uncomfortable in the house. The conflict between him and Ganja Karuppu has created bad image among others. Meanwhile Public and Netizens, shows some support for him in social media. Will his journey continue in Bigg Boss house?

Nominated by – Gayathiri, Ganesh, Ganja Karuppu, Sakthi, Namitha, Aarav, Raiza, Juliana, Snehan, Vaiyapuri.

Reason For Ganja Karuppu Eviction List

Ganja Karuppu, is the second most nominated contestant for eviction for the second week. He is one among the aged participant in the house and not exactly aware about the whole process. karuppu mostly gossips about other contestant activities and claiming false allegation.

Nominated by – Bharani, Aarav, Juliana, Ganesh Venkatraman, Snehan

Reason For Oviya Eviction List

Oviya, who seen in most of the controversial activities in first week now nominated for eviction. Her attitute made others to nominate for eviction.

Nominated by – Namitha, Raiza Wilson, Gayathiri, Ganja Karuppu

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Public Poll: Who will be Eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil Week 2?

The public voting for week 2 eviction will begin from 3rd July, 9.55 PM and ending on 7th July 11.59 PM. You can also vote from mobile by giving missed call to favourite participant.

That’s all about Bigg Boss Tamil Week 2 Eviction: Bharani, Oviya, Ganja Karuppu Nominated. Stay tune here for more latest updates and news about Bigg Boss Tamil in


  1. I support only Juliana.please you did not eliminate Juliana .because Gayathiri ,snaken,arthi mundru peerum adikadi and my family don’t like it.and another question snaken atharkaga Juliana vai jalikattu pirachanaiyai pattri kettal thukupootu seththuruvaal entru snaken etharkaga sonnan .appadi yendral jalikattu pirachanaiyai kalanthu kondavarkal ellam thuku poodu savaratha.snaken mannipu keka vendum ellai yendral big boss vitilu erunthu veliyera please nominate snaken Gayathiri arthi please please please please please.Julie thavaru seithal oru thalaivan antha thavarai mattuthan peesi avalai thirutha vendum thevai ellamal jalikattu pirachanaiyai pattri pesa koodathu.and one more oviya also good girl.she doesn’t hert other.

  2. Every one planning to eliminate Barani, and he is corned. He tries to escape from the house. Please take any action regarding Barani’s issue. Give warning for other contestants.