Vijay TV Airtel Super Singer 5 Finalists Name Details

Super Singer 5 Finalists: The much awaited Airtel Super Singer 5 semi finalists has been selected past week. Vijay Television’s popular reality show Super Singer season 5 2016 finally approaching to last stage. The top four contestant of the season has selected from quarter finals last week. Check out below for Super Singer 5 semi finalists name details:

Vijay TV Airtel Super Singer 5 Finalists Name Details 

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Star Vijay Television’s music competition series Airtel Super Singer rated as one of the most popular reality show in TV channels in tamil language. Super Singer started on 2006 and the show successfully running for 10th year. The pattern of Supersinger which happens for every six month which separates as ‘Super Singer’ and ‘Super Singer Junior’.

After completion for four seasons, Airtel Super Singer 5 has commenced on July 2015 and after conducting various preliminary stages the top 30 contestants were selected for next level, which is performing on grand set in front of Judges panel. From the top 30 singers for every week one contestant has eliminated according to their performance.

Voting for Airtel Super Singer 5 Finals Opened – Click Here for More Details 

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Airtel Super Singer 5 – Finalist names:

The grand event finally now nearing to end as the top four contestants of the season has been selected. Those four singers will be directly selected for semi finals of Airtel Super Singer 5. Unfortunately, Arjun Adapalli disqualified in top 5 round and the remaining four performers qualified for final. Here is the list of Super Singer 5 2016 semi Finalists.

1.) Fareedha 

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2.) Rajaganapathy 

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3.) Siyad 

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4.) Anand Aravindakshan 

ananad aravindakshan super singer, ananad aravindakshan super singer wildcard

5. Lakshmi Pradeep

Lakshmi Pradeep, Lakshmi Pradeep Super Singer Finals

Check out this space about recent news and updates about Airtel Supersinger 5 2016. The wildcard contestants details of Super Singer 5 will be update soon.

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  1. Need clarity for this information? Last week was quater finals where Arjun was eliminated.. This week semi final has started and there will one elimination.. How does the conclusion that 4 of them has selected for finals came across? Pls confirm this news. Tq

  2. the judges started their dirty games. hates to see their faces Well Arjun was 100 times better than Siyad. put your hand toward yourheart and say wheather I have done justice.

  3. Not satisfied with elimination of Anand Aravindakshan. Hr is far better than others…capable to sing all types of songs. He deserves to be in final..
    Anand Aravindakshan, u r the best..all the best, from ur fan Muralitharan Malaysia..

  4. very sad to hear that anandaravidskshanlook for vote he shd havr been taken directly to the final instead of wild card

  5. Arjun, anand nd nirujan deserves to be in final with fareedha nd raja ganapathy….siyad is just favoured by jusges….

  6. Arjun, anand nd nirujan deserves to be in final with fareedha nd raja.. siyad is been favoured by judges…

  7. Why they are asking audience to vote? The selections only were made by judges, so what does mean voting? Don’t play with audience.

  8. Don vote wasting your money. Till the judges are srini mano n chitra nothing will move. They show too much favouratism. They are shameless. Arjun n nirujan got alltogether 12 lakh votes .as lakshmi was their favorite they suddenly changed the format its open cheat. Repeatedly every year this is happening. Super singer owner should throw these judges permanently. Otherwise they will again enter from back door.

  9. Next time don’t ask public to vote .. Not satisfied with laxmi.. It’s full of bias I hate this show and judges.. Really disappointed

  10. Why jurgers not select to Priya jersan for final, she is a wonderfull singer. She is eliminate just one point. How to access this result

  11. Arjun is better singer than Siyad and Fareedha and why judges never choose Arjun i don’t know? Judges are cheating and why Mano always gv higher points fr Fareedha also don’t know??? All the judges must throw away and bring new judges all cheating games going on?

  12. It is becoming obvious that the judges are biased and arrogant. No matter all young singers are good and need encouragement, it was obvious that the fluent and fresh voice of Arjun Adapalli was ignored over Siyad who did not impress to that extent. Siyad is certainly a good singer but not good enough for a straight finalist selection. Judges knew he would not make it in the wild card and public voting so pushed Anand Aravindakshan down(who should have been a straight fianlist). They know Anand would make it to the top with public voting which he deserves, anyway! Cunning/unfair judges indeed! Also, once the competition has been extended to public voting and 3 candidates were voted the most, the last two finalists shall be selected as per voting. Not sure why they did not announce the votes cast for Arjun and Nirujan and the final entry had to be again made by the biased judges? They had their fair share in selecting the top 3 already. Is this the respect they give for public voting? How did the judges themselves become accepted singers in film industry without acceptance of their voices by the general public? This competition is stretched too far, ultimately killing the spirit of the deserving and talented young singers but to promote only the vested interests of the judges and the organisers. Hope they accept their mistakes and refrain from such unfair gimmicks in the next season at least!!!

  13. very biased selection. judges are controlled by the Vijay TV. It is very obvious that they play the game until they get the result to select Luksumi. Very unfair for Priya.

    Why should vote if they decide the winner ….? They should have already decided on the title winner too.
    We all should avoid voting anymore…..Plz run a campaign to teach lession to vijay TV.

    Also, avoid supporting any future overseas tours….!

  14. Every individual has his or her taste in contestants..That doesn’t mean you put down others and demean them. They should be voted on their singing ability and no sympathy votes please…Even the contestant should not campaign for sympathy votes..and this happens when they doubt their own ability.

    All the best to all contestants.. especially to Lakshmi who is a special favourite.

  15. It is obvious that the voters always expect their choice to be elected and declared the winner. The contestants only have the right to make complaints if any. But here the contestants take this contest sportively, as every one of them give their supporting voices without any flaws. We must appreciate the judges atleast for their selection of the contestants.All of them sang well, missed at some intances which made them loosing the points.
    Until Vijay TV declare the voting results openely and the judges giving marks one by one make the audience that they cooking up the results. Their alloting marks should not be open and should be made individuallywithout the knowledge of themselves. The marks can be declared after collecting the individual assesment of the singers.
    Vijay TV is struggling to establish itself that the selection was neutral, but for the past two weeks their effort to defend themselves neutral, raise the doubt that they are guilty somewhere else.