Top 5 Wicket-Keepers with Most Dismissals in IPL

Top 5 Wicket-Keepers with Most Dismissals in IPL: Wicket keepingĀ  is one of the toughest job in cricket which needs an active flash reaction even micro second plays a major role in saving the bastman.Wicket keepers plays an important role in team.Here are Top five wicket keepers with most number of dismissals in IPL.

6Adam Glichrist

Adam Gilchrist retired from IPL 3 year ago, still he is in Top 5. This shows why people call him a legend. Being a Wicket-Keeping batsman, he made many records. He captained Deccan Chargers and lift the cup in IPL 2009. He has made 67 dismissals, 51 catches and 16 stumpings.



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