Raiza Wilson (Bigg Boss Tamil) Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Profile Details

Raiza Wilson, is an Indian model and contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil Reality Show. She is finalist contestant of Miss India Contestants and crowned of HICC Femina Miss South Beautiful Smile. Check out below for Raiza Wilson Biography, Age, Wiki, Boyfriend, Profile Details

Raiza Wilson (Bigg Boss Tamil) Wiki, Biography, Age, Profile Details 

Raiza Wilson Bigg Boss

Raiza Wilson Biography
NameRaiza Wilson
ProfessionModel, Television
Date of Birth1989
HometownBangalore, Karnataka
CollegeHINT lounge and club at Bangalore
ParentsNot Known
Relationship StatusSingle
Height1.5 m
Weight52 kg

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Some Facts about Raiza Wilson

Raiza is one of the contestant of Vijay Television’s New Reality Show, Bigg Boss Season 1. She is unknown and new celebrity for public among other participant.

She is winner of HICC Femina Miss South Beautiful Smile.

Born in bangalore, She completed her schooling as Student & PR, Sales and marketing manager of HINT lounge and club at Bangalore.

Her favourite actor is George Clooney and Favourite Sportsman is Rafael Nadal.

She loves watching movies and some of her favourite films are erms of endearment, Up in the air, Smart people.

In an interview she said, According to her, Love is Should be unconditional. Food is a mood Uplifter. Sex is Builds an undefinable comfort zone with that person.

She is one of the finalist contestant of Miss India 2011 and ended up without winning the title.

She made her debut in tamil with VIP 2 by playing a small role. She will essay as assistant of Vasundra (Kajol) in the film. With the popularity of Bigg Boss Show Raiza looking for more opportunity in tamil movies.

Raiza Wilson Biography


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